WordCamp Lancaster 2013 UK Retreat Info

After the success of last years WordCamp Edinburgh retreat we’re putting together another shindig this year in Lancaster.


Who’s signed up?

What’s the room situation?!

  • Room 1: Simon
  • Room 2: Jonny
  • Room 3: Paul
  • Room 4: Marko
  • Room 5: Rachel (arrives Tuesday evening)
  • Room 6: Pete
  • Room 7: Kimb (arrives Wednesday morning) Herb (Monday to Wednesday)
  • Room 8: Richard

So what’s the plan?

The plan is for approximately 8 people with a combined love of WordPress to share a house in Lancaster for a week that will encompass the WordCamp weekend.

5 days of WordPress goodness

For the 5 days leading up to the WordCamp weekend we can all work in this shared space on our own client work, personal projects, maybe even a joint project for the WordPress community.

Plans for the week

In the spirit of knowledge sharing everyone that stays in the house should contribute. Excluding Monday (since people may arrive late) we have 4 full mornings where we could schedule talks, with the goal of each person doing one talk or workshop throughout the retreat.

We also have plans for talks, workshops, training, creative hacking and some general tech/geek fun.

Show & Tells will include:

Responsive design

  • Simon – How not to do responsive (imagine media queries didn’t exist)
  • Jonny – My thoughts on building a responsive dynamic grid system, and how I expect to deploy it in Wonderflux
  • Kimb – How the big boys are making responsive a must-have feature for modern web design

CSS preprocessors 

  • Simon – A Carrington build website using .LESS making it easy to give each section of the site a different colour scheme.
  • Kimb – Using CSS preprocessors + Bootstrap + HAML for uber fast prototyping

Everything else

  • Simon – Using WordPress multisite to create a franchise website (path based) where each franchise branch can manage its own section.
  • Simon – Transparent development environments. How you can route requests to a development version of a website, accessible under the live URL yet only visible to you… the jury is still out if this is genius or a waste of time!
  • Simon – One API to rule them all. How I’ve got WordPress set up as an API to interact with a number of external APIs (Rackspace, Chef, Max CDN)
  • Herb – WordPress trace facility – including action and filter tracing
  • Herb – Dynamic documentation and call tree navigation using the oik shortcode and API server
  • Herb – API documentation loading using homegrown “batch” facility

Where are we staying?

Newly converted 8 bedroom house in the centre of Lancaster (we will be the very first to rent this place):


Set over 3 floors the property consists of:

  • 8 bedrooms – Each decent sized with a double bed, storage, desk area, combination lock on each door (4 on ground floor, 4 on top floor)
  • 3 bathrooms – Each with a large shower, toilet (1 on each floor)
  • Lounge – Sofa seating for 8, 50 inch plasma set on wall, boardroom style table with seating for 8 (middle floor)
  • Kitchen – Large kitchen with plenty of worktop space, 2 x oven/hobs, fridge freezer (middle floor)

The accommodation has been set out with bedrooms and larger bathrooms on the top and bottom floors then communal space such as lounge and kitchen on the middle floor.

Obviously broadband wifi will be available.

How much will it cost?

  • £200 per room for the week (Price includes VAT, invoice will be issued and must be paid in full to secure your room)

How close is it to the WCUK venue?

The house is in view of the Lancaster bus station where you can get a bus 2-3 times an hour up to the uni, with buses running till getting on for midnight. There is also a big taxi rank right next to the bus station.


If you want to do this or just want more info drop us a message on twitter to either:

Just use the #wcukretreat hashtag when sending a message and we’ll answer any questions best we can 🙂